Meet Versius

Our small, modular & portable surgical robot is designed to make it easier for hospitals and surgeons to give patients access to minimal access surgery.

Why is Versius so easy to adopt?

Versius will fit into virtually any operating room Versius does not require any changes to your hospital Versius allows you to build on your existing laparoscopic knowledge

Hear a surgeon’s view

Mario Nosotti
Pradeep Chowbey
General Surgery
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Vanash Patel

Putting the patient first

At CMR Surgical, everything we do and every decision we take, is with the patient at the heart.

Belief in partnership

As a partner to surgical teams around the world, we offer a mature, evidence-based approach to the introduction of surgical robotics, backed by a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

This technology enables our hospital to remain at the forefront of innovation. The partnership with CMR Surgical brings the Institut Curie into the field of robotics research through two new clinical studies.

Professor Steven Le Gouill
Institut Curie
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The power of a digital ecosystem

Helping you to improve patient outcomes and drive efficiencies through actionable data and insights.
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