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The true power of Versius is realised through its innovative digital ecosystem.
Through Versius Clinical Insights we make surgical data meaningful and actionable so that surgeons can make better informed decisions, in an attempt to improve patient outcomes whilst maximising efficiencies.
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Versius Clinical Insights

Versius Clinical Insights

Versius allows you to make better informed decisions, by giving you the ability to gather robotic telemetry data and procedural case videos, alongside clinical context information from the CMR Registry.

Through Versius Clinical Insights, we combine all that data together, to provide you with the means to understand the full clinical story of each procedure.

Through Versius Connect for surgeons or Versius Team for the surgical team, you can analyse every aspect of your clinical cases to help inform better decision making, while supporting your continuous learning and development.

Improve performance through Versius Clinical Insights

Drive value of your Versius robotics programme by tracking ongoing utilisation and case throughput with key usage metrics and dashboards through our innovative new tool, Versius Clinical Insights.

Understand aggregated surgical performance by viewing outcome metrics such as number of complications, estimated blood loss, and length of stay.

Continuously improve your surgical robotics programme by comparing your surgical performance benchmarked against other anonymised Versius hospitals.

Improve performance through Versius Clinical Insights
Easy access to actionable insights

Easy access to actionable insights

Versius Connect is your gateway into the digital ecosystem, for surgeons, providing easy access to the full clinical story via a real-time digital logbook for every Versius case.

Featuring in-depth case statistics, automatically synchronised videos, and instrument usage timelines, Versius Connect offers you new ways to evaluate and analyse every Versius case in even greater detail.

Fully integrated into our metrics-based training pathway, Versius Connect supports you at every step of their ongoing learning and development.

Easily access clinical insights with Versius Team

Versius Team is designed for surgical teams to improve setup efficiencies by providing easy access to previous Versius setups and live Versius reporting about active cases to aid real time troubleshooting.

Providing uniform access to these clinical case insights, data from Versius Team seamlessly integrates with Versius Connect to inform better decision making, with the aim of improving patient outcome for hospitals.

Easily access clinical insights

Digitally enabled personalised training

A metrics-based, data-led training pathway enables personalised feedback for you and the wider surgical team throughout the learning curve, unlocking the potential to standardise surgical training.

Our seven-step programme focusses on surgeons and surgical teams achieving key competencies at each stage of the pathway to ensure standardisation in surgical skills.

Skill levels are assessed using data-driven metrics and benchmarking, captured through cutting edge technology, including the Versius Trainer, Versius eLearning and Versius Virtual Reality training tools, alongside observational data.

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