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Ian Cardwell

Chief People Officer

Ian is an experienced leader in international Human Resources, having worked extensively across the pharmaceutical, life sciences and engineering industries.

Ian joined CMR Surgical in 2020 as Chief People Officer, leading the HR strategy for our global workforce.

Prior to joining CMR, Ian held a number of senior leadership positions. This included Senior Vice President HR, responsible for GlaxoSmithKline’s global manufacturing operations and Executive Vice President HR, responsible for Rolls-Royce’s Marine and Nuclear divisions. Immediately before CMR, he worked as Envigo’s Chief Talent Officer leading their global HR function and sitting on the company leadership team. In each of these roles Ian was directly involved in multiple organisational change programmes, often as the result of mergers, acquisitions and integrations.

With over 25 years of experience, Ian has a proven track record in translating commercial strategy into highly impactful people plans, covering talent acquisition and development, reward, change management and industrial relations. He holds an MBA from the University of Sussex.

Areas of expertise

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