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Paul Robert

Chief Customer Success Officer

Paul Roberts is a business and technology leader with over 15 years’ research and product development experience. Paul is passionate about encouraging, motivating and leading excellent teams to deliver a great customer experience. Prior to founding CMR, Paul led and grew capability in complex medical device development at the Science Group Plc.

Paul Roberts is a Ph.D. qualified engineer with more than 10 years’ product and system development experience. An accomplished team and project leader with strong technical skills, particularly where applied to medical product development, Paul is an expert in control system design, electronics and software development.

Prior to joining CMR, Paul was a head of embedded systems at the Science Group Plc, where Paul grew capability in complex medical device development. Paul is the inventor of over 12 granted patents and has made research contributions in the field of motion control systems.

Paul’s conviction is that a clear focus, a talented team, and humble, committed leadership will deliver excellence which benefits mankind.

Areas of expertise

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