Human skill, redefined

CMR Surgical is proud to be the Official Medical Device Partner of ParalympicsGB

At CMR, we are passionate about pushing boundaries – enhancing immense human skill with technology to deliver the best surgical care.

That’s why we are delighted to be backing ParalympicsGB, the team of elite athletes that challenge perceptions of what humans can achieve. The team that inspires us with their determination, their precision and control.

We’re proud to be shining a light on the heroes, in sport and in surgery, that dare to make the impossible, possible.

The Spotlight Series — introducing Sir Lee Pearson. Because precision and control count.

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Wheelchair racing

Making the impossible, possible

Paralympians pride themselves on being ‘Impossible to Ignore’ and fearlessly challenging perceptions around human ability.

Their world-class sporting achievements captivate and inspire a global audience, as they demonstrate what can be achieved if you push boundaries and master your skill to be the very best.

At CMR, we are committed to making surgery better for patients around the world – bringing the benefits of minimal access surgery to everyone that could benefit – and we look to the ground-breaking accomplishments of the para-athletes as inspiration for achieving that mission.

A perfect partnership

Founded by a surgeon, the Paralympic movement has skyrocketed since its inception in 1948 and the Games has become one of the world’s largest — and most loved — sporting events.

Like surgery, the success of the Paralympics is a testament to the incredible skills and qualities of its people who are determined, ambitious and laser-focussed on success. Teamwork is absolutely essential to realising their goals, and showcasing precision and control on competition day is key.

A perfect partnership
In the spotlight

In the spotlight

Inspired by ParalympicsGB, CMR are committed to celebrating the power of human ability.

Throughout the Tokyo Games and our long-term sponsorship, we will be shining a light on the heroes, in sport and in surgery, that dare to make the impossible, possible.

CMR Surgical and ParalympicsGB — human skill, redefined.


Throughout the partnership with ParalympicsGB, CMR Surgical will be sharing unique and inspiring stories from across the Paralympic and surgical communities.

Learn more about the parallels between sport and surgery, and discover what it takes to become a ParalympicsGB athlete.

Prof Dr Lutz Mirow
Head Physician of the Department of General and Visceral Surgery, Hospital Chemnitz
Sir Lee Parsons
Phoebe Paterson Pine
ParalympicsGB Archer

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