Robotics redefined

Robotics redefined

For years, many have believed that surgical robots can’t be portable. Once in an operating room, that’s where it stays. We believe that is something which needs to change. So, meet Versius.

Robotics redefined

Our mission at CMR is serious, but we also like to do things differently. The robotics redefined campaign showcases the portability of Versius and asks you to reset your expectations of surgical robots and their portability. Versius is #RoboticsRedefined.

Why portability matters

Portability is accessibility. Portability makes dedicated operating theatres obsolete.

Portability means that robotics can reach their true potential by fitting in within the surgical workflow. We understand that hospital resources are limited and surgical schedules are busy. A surgical robot should be designed to fit around a hospital, and not the other way around.

By being able to move the small individual arms of Versius between operating theatres and hospitals you can get greater utilisation, and cost-effectiveness. With Versius, we set out to build a surgical robotics system that is cost-effective and could make surgical robotics accessible for all.

Versius and portability

The modular design of this next generation surgical robot, means that each individual arm (each with a footprint of just 38cm x 38cm) can be positioned around the patient in the position that the operation needs. The modularity also allows ease of movement between different operating theatres and even between hospitals.