Versius Surgical Robotic System

Meet the world’s first highly portable, versatile and cost-effective surgical robot: Versius

Versius is different. Designed from the start to meet the complex requirements of laparoscopic surgery it fits easily in the existing surgical workflow, while its bio-mimicking form allows surgeons to work in a way that reduces physical and mental effort. Versius will revolutionise the way we think about surgery.

Versius Versius

Versius represents a paradigm shift in surgery."

Mark Slack
Medical Director

Top characteristics


Versius’ bio-mimicking arms mean you’re not constrained as to where you place ports to access all surgical quadrants. Versius is equally well suited for use in gynaecology, urology, colorectal and general surgery.


Traditional laparoscopic surgery is difficult. It’s both physically and mentally demanding. Versius reduces that burden, through the ergonomic design of the surgeon console, easy-to-learn controls, advanced software, fully wristed instruments and an 3D HD vision system.


Its compact form factor – a fraction of anything available to date – allows Versius to be deployed across multiple busy operating theatres. Combined with its versatile modular design, this enables healthcare providers to maximise utilisation and patient throughput.

Transformative economics

Designed to be used by a range of surgical specialties, the versatility of Versius robotic system opens the door to high utilisation. This allows healthcare providers to offer the benefits of robotic procedures in a cost-effective way.

Quick to set up

Versius uses sophisticated collaborative robotics to make the process of moving, setting up and draping the robot arms around the patient as straightforward and rapid as possible.

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Revolutionary technology

Find out more about the revolutionary technology that underpins the Versius surgical robotic system

Revolutionary technology
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Supporting surgeons

Versius comes with a full training suite for both surgeons and bedside teams to ensure that, as a team, you can deliver the best surgical outcomes with utmost efficiency

Supporting surgeons

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