Digital in Surgery

It starts with Versius. Digital technology will open the door to improving surgical care.

The introduction of surgical robotics into the operating room is just the beginning. The robot is a digital interface between the surgeon and the patient.

The data that Versius collects, coupled with OR data unleashes a wealth of insights to help surgeons and hospitals deliver the best surgical care.

Versius virtual reality

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It starts with training

Data unlocks the potential of standardising surgical care through continuous learning and feedback. We use data to provide objective feedback for the entire surgical team.

Every Versius console comes with a Versius Trainer unit. This gives surgeons the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual environment in which they control virtual Versius instruments and an endoscopic camera to perform a selection of laparoscopic tasks in 3D. This is the beginning of the process of continuous learning ahead of clinical practice.

Versius Connect

Versius Connect 2.0 provides surgeons with the data they want to see, wherever and whenever they want it. A single, integrated digital experience, the all new app was designed to support a surgeon’s continuous learning and development.

Featuring real-time insightful metrics and automatically synchronised video clips, Versius Connect makes it easier than ever to discover the full surgical story for each step of your Versius cases.

With more in-depth case statistics, instrument usage timelines, and Versius setups, it offers new ways to evaluate and analyse Versius cases in even greater detail.

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The CMR Registry

The CMR Registry consists of real time data on Versius procedures for patient safety and can help to build a benchmark for supporting surgical standards. As a clinically responsible company, we believe that the registry is a critical tool that supports the continuous improvement of surgical outcomes.

The registry allows for real time reporting of clinical performance and, due to novel data analytics, gives a continuous measure of safety as well as comparison with other surgeons and hospitals. Coupled with data provided by the Versius ecosystem, we support surgeons to track their learning curves and benchmark their performance against ‘best in class’ global aggregates.

Digital and data add value to hospital efficiency

The Versius ecosystem creates valuable data that supports hospitals in their drive for efficiency. With our ‘hospital dashboards’, the ambition is to provide valuable insight on system utilisation, as well as predicting and scheduling planned maintenance to maximise utilisation.

Coupled with anonymised registry data, the Versius digital ecosystem helps hospitals quickly spot outliers, improving overall governance and supports surgeons to reach proficiency faster with personalised training packages as they develop their surgical careers.

Discover the digital ecosystem

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The benefits of digital to surgeons and hospitals is vast. With the power of digital, we can help to improve efficiencies, proficiencies, and continuously improve surgical outcomes with insights from the latest technologies, at your fingertips.

CMR takes pride in the diligence, care and attention we pay to the way we handle all customer and patient data to enable us to provide the digital services and products we build and run. Security and privacy are built into our solutions from the ground up to ensure that our customers and patients can have full confidence in CMR and Versius as they join us on our mission to transform surgery through our digital offerings.

We comply fully with all applicable regulatory requirements for the regions in which we operate including GDPR. CMR is certified to ISO 27001 and invests continually in privacy and security excellence.

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