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A robotic system with real value.


A robotic system with real value.

Surgical robotic systems can offer improved outcomes for patients, surgeons and hospitals alike. However, to date their size and cost have limited uptake and prevented the widespread delivery of robotically assisted surgery. Versius changes that.


A major barrier to broader adoption of robotics in surgery has been cost. We seek to be commercially flexible with a variety of purchasing options, including a managed service. Our managed-service offering means you now have complete financial certainty over what your robotics platform will cost each year, including all the Versius instruments you’ll need, as well as annual service and maintenance, all for one fixed price. Our goal to hospitals is to make the cost of robotic-assisted surgery comparable to what you already pay for manual laparoscopy, leaving you to decide on the optimal approach to each procedure based on clinical not financial priorities.

High utilisation and throughput

Versius is designed to be used for the majority of procedures and not just the most complicated cancer cases. Incredibly versatile and highly capable, its small, modular form factor also means it’s easy to move between operating rooms and even between hospitals. This allows it to fit seamlessly into existing hospital workflows. We believe the combination of adaptability and portability allows hospital administrators to optimise utilisation of their robotics programme, with the goal of improving hospital efficiency and clinical outcomes.

Attract and retain the best surgeons

Advanced medical products that genuinely improve surgical outcomes have always been desired and required by surgeons. Likewise, the best surgeons want to work at the leading edge of their discipline and will seek out a workplace that shares their ambition.

We believe Versius represents the future of minimal access surgery. It’s designed not just to improve patient outcomes, but also to deliver the best possible surgical experience. The ergonomic surgeon console is specifically designed to reduce mental and physical strain, potentially allowing surgeons to operate at a higher level for longer each day and, in the long run, extending their working lives.

Easy to adopt

From the very beginning of its development, Versius has been grounded in the real-world demands of hospitals and surgical teams. Modular and highly portable, it’s quick to set up and can go wherever it’s needed, so it won’t dominate an OR. All instruments and scopes can be sterilised using steam autoclave. Similarly, because Versius follows familiar laparoscopic approaches and provides the freedom for the surgeon to place ports where they choose, it’s familiar for surgical teams to understand and embrace.

By minimising disruption to the established workflow and offering a managed-service model that eliminates prohibitive capital outlay, we’ve made Versius easy for your hospital to adopt.

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