Versius for Surgeons

Versius was designed to make it easy for surgeons to adopt surgical robotics into their practice.

Making surgical robotics easy to adopt

The benefits of minimal access surgery for patients are well proven. But we know that minimal access surgery is complex and demanding to perform for a surgeon. Surgical robotics aims to meet that challenge. And with Versius, you can work with a surgical robot that has been designed to be easy to adopt into your existing clinical practice.

Putting the patient first

Every decision we made when developing Versius, has the patient at its heart.
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Find out more about Versius for your procedure

Easy access to actionable insights

The power of a digital ecosystem

The introduction of Versius into the operating room means you are able to gather more surgical data than ever before. But data alone is not enough. It only becomes useful when it is made meaningful and actionable.

With Versius Clinical Insights, we give surgeons the tools to understand the full clinical story of their procedures, so they can make informed decisions to improve patient care.

Metrics-based training

Training for us is about the whole surgical team. We believe in a long-term partnership to deliver the highest surgical care. Our professional education team work with you to deliver a comprehensive metrics-based training programme for Versius.

This data-led training pathway enables personalised feedback for you and your teams throughout the learning curve, unlocking the potential to standardise surgical training.

Our seven-step training programme focuses on surgeons and surgical teams achieving key competencies at each stage of the pathway. Skill levels are assessed using data-driven metrics and benchmarking, captured through cutting edge technology alongside observational data.

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Operating ergonomically

Operating ergonomically

Laparoscopic surgery is physically and mentally demanding, causing three in four surgeons to experience back pain1.

Versius has instinctive instrument and vision controls and an open console design allowing you to sit upright or stand, keeping you comfortable for longer each day, with the potential to prolong your career.

1 Bryter. (2019). Surgeons and back pain.

First-hand clinical experience with Versius

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Commitment to research

Discover how we are serious about delivering an evidence-based approach to surgical robotics.


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