Our Commitment to Being an Inclusive Employer

Our mission is to make the benefits of minimal access surgery available to everyone who needs it. We care about our patients, customers and colleagues. We respect and value each other’s opinions and we embrace our differences, growing stronger because of them.

As an inclusive employer, we are committed to focusing on diversity and inclusion. We have started the journey and will learn together—as we grow and as society and the world changes around us—to embed and nurture an authentic culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable to bring their authentic self to work.

Disability Confidence Scheme

What we stand for as an inclusive employer

Our diversity, inclusion and belonging commitments

diverse candidate pool

Attracting a diverse candidate pool

It’s imperative that we have a workforce that can meet and understand the needs of a diverse range of customers. We are proud to have over 1,000 employees from over 50 countries supporting our work globally. By coming together with our different perspectives, we can think differently and deliver stronger innovation and progress, both to CMR and the community we serve.

We are actively working on ways to recruit people from different backgrounds. This includes ensuring job descriptions use inclusive language and utilising tailored job boards for all vacancies. As members of the Disability Confident Scheme, we’ve committed to thinking differently about disability, ensuring that everyone who wants to work with us is given equal opportunity through inclusive and accessible recruitment and development initiatives.

Ensuring all employees have a voice

We want to hear everyone’s views, opinions and questions. We want to make sure we are challenged. We also want to make sure that everyone is heard. We can’t be an inclusive place of work until every individual feels they have a voice. The regular engagement surveys we conduct form a big part of this, as they ensure we have a continuous feedback loop with our people.

We have also established active employee resource groups (ERGs) that cover gender equality, disability, ethnicity, social mobility, LGBTQIA+ and the environment, giving our people the opportunity to champion meaningful change within the organisation.

Showing respect to one another is at the core of CMR’s values and is an essential element of an enjoyable and productive working environment. Everyone should be able to be heard and contribute, irrespective of their role, background or personal characteristics.

Ensuring all employees have a voice
leaders who champion inclusivity

Having leaders who champion inclusivity

A big part of our focus as an inclusive employer is to encourage our leaders to lead by example. We pride ourselves on our open, honest and transparent culture. A culture where we are open to challenges. We support our current and future leaders by providing dedicated leadership and inclusion training to ensure they are well equipped to cultivate a supportive and inclusive working environment for everyone at CMR.

CMR Surgical’s founders and management team embraces our company culture of openness and transparency, holding regular open forum Q&A sessions during our monthly company meetings and CEO updates. Our leadership team champions the efforts of our ERG’s at the highest level, ensuring DIB is regularly built into and prioritised on their meeting agendas.

Providing employees with tools and support

We want everyone to feel welcome and supported at CMR, which is why we have introduced inclusive policies globally to support an improved work-life balance. Under our global leave policy, employees can take one personal day annually as well as time off for things like fertility cycles, miscarriage and mental health. CMR is a proud supporter and signatory of the Menopause Workplace Pledge. We also offer all employees enhanced parental leave for both primary and secondary caregivers to support them as their families grow.

We are proud to offer mental health support to all our employees by providing them with access to Headspace. CMR also has Mental Health First Aiders trained through Mind across the organisation, providing care for those that need it, when they need it. The tools and support may vary across the globe, but everyone should be able to access what they need.

Providing employees with tools and support
Learning sharing and educating

Learning, sharing and educating

Recognising that we are only just beginning our diversity, inclusion and belonging journey, we want to make sure we continually strive to learn, grow and better ourselves as an organisation. We want to make sure we not only know how we are doing, but are also transparent about our progress. We will share how our efforts are making us diverse and inclusive and also be honest about where we still have work to do. We conduct employee engagement surveys and have begun collecting voluntary employee demographic data, which we will use to benchmark ourselves and ensure we are continually working to make CMR a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We warmly welcome a regular rotation of inspiring guest speakers who educate us, challenge our perspective and drive the conversation about representation and inclusivity in the workplace. We have introduced mandatory unconscious bias training to all staff to make sure the entire CMR team is well equipped to be as inclusive as possible. Our ERG’s are leading the way in driving change within the organisation to make CMR a better place.

Human skill, redefined

CMR Surgical is proud to be a Gold Partner of ParalympicsGB. We are passionate about pushing boundaries—enhancing immense human skill with technology to deliver the best surgical care.

All of the ParalympicsGB athletes inspire us with their ground-breaking accomplishments and commitment to always doing more. And in doing so, push us to reset our expectations of human ability.

Disability Confident Employer Scheme

The Disability Confident Employer Scheme encourages us to think differently about disability and requires us to change how we recruit, retain and develop people with disabilities, through inclusive and accessible recruitment initiatives. These include expanding on how we communicate vacancies, providing reasonable adjustments throughout the recruitment process, supporting candidates with disabilities to get to the interview stage and supporting our existing employees where needed.

While this is just the start, it is an exciting step forward for us as we strive to be as inclusive as we can be in everything we do. To this end we are also looking for comparable schemes to support our recruitment efforts globally. You can read more about the scheme here.

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