New digital tool for Versius gives hospitals clinical insights aiming to improve patient outcomes

~  CMR Surgical becomes the first soft-tissue surgical robotics company to launch a digital tool that combines telemetry data, clinical data and surgical video

~  Versius Clinical Insights captures data that can provide insight into a surgeon’s clinical performance, possibly leading to improved surgical outcomes

~  Versius Clinical Insights is being installed at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in Wales, ahead of a global rollout

CMR Surgical (CMR or ‘the Company’) – the global surgical robotics business – has today launched a new digital feature, Versius Clinical Insights, which gives hospitals and surgeons a connected collection of digital insights from surgical procedures.

Versius Clinical Insights combines existing telemetry data, clinical data and surgical videos into one place, providing insight into a surgeon’s performance, which may lead to refinements in surgical technique, possibly leading to improved surgical outcomes.

The functionality of Versius Clinical Insights can be accessed through CMR’s existing digital apps, including Versius Connect and Versius Team.

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of CMR Surgical, said: “It may seem like a small tweak we’re making, but I can’t emphasise enough how important this could be for surgeons and hospitals going forward.

“Versius has always been a digitally enabled robot, and we’ve gained so many insights from thousands of cases in our CMR Clinical Registry, alongside existing surgical videos and robotic telemetry data. But combining that together in one place will give real-time clinical insights. It’s a kind of digital intelligence that surgeons have never been able to have before. That can only be a good thing for patients.”

Through Versius Clinical Insights, surgeons will be able to see patients’ clinical outcomes, compare data against global benchmarks, securely access a digital record of all the cases they have done with Versius, watch procedure videos on demand and seamlessly export case data to drive appraisals.

The first two hospitals to launch Versius Clinical Insights were in the UK in Wales, at Cardiff University Health Board and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, ahead of a global rollout in the coming months.

Mr James Ansell, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon at Cardiff University Health Board, commented: “As surgeons, we always want the best for our patients, and we can only improve their clinical outcomes by learning from previous clinical experience. Robotic-assisted surgery offers the opportunity to get much more insight about how we operate. With Versius, we now have all the relevant information we need at our fingertips, and by combining it we can get real clinical insights, which will help to improve our clinical and patient outcomes.”

Hospitals will also be able to utilise Versius Clinical Insights by monitoring efficiencies and clinical outcomes to gain insights into areas of improvement.

Jonathan Morgan, Programme Manager of the All Wales Robotic Assisted Surgery Programme Manager, commented: “There are many arguments for moving towards robotic-assisted minimal access surgery, but we know that the real value will come from the data that is captured from operations. We’re delighted to partner with CMR to launch Versius Clinical Insights here in Wales and look forward to demonstrating the value of digitally-enabled surgery for patients”.


The Versius® Surgical Robotic System

Versius® resets expectations of robotic surgery. Versius fits into virtually any operating room set-up and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, increasing the likelihood of robotic minimal access surgery (MAS). The small, portable and modular design of Versius allows the surgeon to only use the number of arms needed for a given procedure.

Biomimicking the human arm, Versius gives surgeons the choice of optimised port placement alongside the dexterity and accuracy of small fully-wristed instruments. With 3D HD vision, easy-to adopt instrument control and a choice of ergonomic working positions, the open surgeon console has the potential to reduce stress and fatigue and allows for clear communication with the surgical team. By thinking laparoscopically and operating robotically with Versius, patients, surgeons and healthcare professionals can all benefit from the value that robotic MAS brings.

But it’s more than just a robot. Versius captures meaningful data with its wider digital ecosystem to support a surgeon’s continuous learning. Through the Versius Connect app, Versius Trainer and CMR clinical registry, Versius unleashes a wealth of insights to ultimately improve surgical care.

About CMR Surgical Limited

CMR Surgical (CMR) is a global medical devices company dedicated to transforming surgery with Versius®, a next-generation surgical robot.

Headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, CMR is committed to working with surgeons, surgical teams and hospital partners, to provide an optimal tool to make robotic minimal access surgery universally accessible and affordable. With Versius, we are on a mission to redefine the surgical robotics market with practical, innovative technology and data that can improve surgical care.

Founded in 2014, CMR Surgical is private limited company backed by an international shareholder base.

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