The only small and modular surgical robot powered by a digitally native ecosystem.

Versius has been designed to overcome the barriers to performing minimal access surgery, so that more patients can benefit from the highest quality of surgical care.

By challenging the perceptions of surgical robotics, the small and modular design of Versius enables all hospitals to be able to offer robotic assisted surgery to their patients, underpinned by actionable data and insights about their surgical programmes.

The power of a digitally native ecosystem

With the introduction of Versius into your operating room, you are able to gather more surgical data than ever before. But data alone is not enough. It only becomes useful when it is made meaningful and actionable.

The Versius digital ecosystem gives you the tools to understand the full clinical story of your procedures, so you can make informed decisions to improve patient care whilst maximising efficiency.

Uniquely small and modular

We set out to create a surgical robot that is more accessible through its design.

The modular design of Versius gives you the versatility to operate in the way that’s best for your patients, with freedom of port placement and surgical approach. As a hospital, you can maximise your use of Versius, as the small and portable system that can easily be moved between virtually any operating room, no matter the size.

Digitally enabled personalised training

Training must be designed for the whole surgical team. We believe in developing long-term partnerships to deliver the highest quality surgical care. Our professional education team work with you to deliver a comprehensive metrics-based training programme for Versius.

Our data-led training pathway enables a personalised training programme giving you and the wider surgical team direct feedback, which helps to shorten the learning curve while standardising surgical care.

If you would like to know more about how Versius can help you and your surgical team deliver best in class surgery, get in touch.

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