Versius for Hospitals

We believe in value-based medicine that enables hospitals to provide their patients treatment that is more accessible, less invasive and gets patients feeling better, sooner.
We know value-based medicine is important to you. Versius has been designed to make the cost of performing robotic MAS affordable whilst delivering high-quality patient care. This allows you to deliver procedures traditionally performed via open surgery through a minimal access technique, with all the benefits that brings for patient and hospital alike.

Delivering value-based medicine

Treatment needs to be cost-effective throughout the entire patient care cycle no matter your hospital’s size. Our cost per case managed service and flexible financing options have been developed to provide clear cost-effectiveness to all hospitals.

Integrates into virtually any OR

To enhance patient care and maximise already busy OR schedules, new technology needs to adapt into your environment. Versius integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and doesn’t take over valuable OR space. With a small footprint and ease of movement, Versius can be introduced to the OR easily and quickly.

Investing in surgery

We’re committed to research and recognise how data can enhance the way we look after patients. The Versius registry is one way we are improving patient care on a global scale. In accordance with the IDEAL framework, the registry provides our partners the opportunity to review procedural data and clinical outcomes.

Hear what hospitals think of Versius

Jennifer Kearney

Associate Director of Operations – Surgery, Milton Keynes University Hospital

Walter Kmet

Chief Executive Officer, Macquarie University Hospital, Australia

Joe Harrison

Chief Executive Officer, Milton Keynes University Hospital

Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar

Consultant Surgeon and Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Care Hospital

Karine Giroudon

Director of Clinique du Parc Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France

Neil Dardis

Chief Executive, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Bertrand Martin

Director of Argenteuil Hospital, France
How can digital support your hospital?
Digital offers the opportunity to make step change advances in today’s surgical environment.


We have developed a surgical tool with value-based medicine (VBM) in mind. Our surgical robotic system works in virtually any OR, offering hospitals real economic value whilst delivering improved care to patients.
Versius for


We have developed Versius, a surgical tool that offers surgeons precision, accuracy and dexterity to enhance their capabilities, as well as the benefits of an ergonomic environment in which to work.
Versius for

The Surgical Team

Teamwork is at the core of a successful operating room. We have designed our technology and training to support the entire surgical team to deliver excellent surgical care, ease of access to your patients and strong team communication.

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