Versius for Surgical Teams

Putting the whole surgical team at the forefront of surgical care, with Versius.

Introducing Versius to a hospital is centred on the entire surgical team, from training to the design of the system — everything is optimised to work for the whole operating team.

Providing easy access to your patient

It is important to have access to your patient throughout the procedure. With Versius’ small form factor and ‘collaborative arm technology’, you can safely stand in and amongst the human-sized arms and have easy access to the patient at all times. Versius enables you to prioritise what matters most to you — your patient.

easy access to your patient
Supporting team communication

Supporting team communication

Verbal and non-verbal communication is pivotal in surgery. With an open 3D HD console, Versius provides surgical teams with a clear line of sight to support communication that is pivotal to good patient outcomes. The benefits of teamwork will only be supported, and not hindered, by Versius in the OR.

Easily access peri-operative insights with Versius Team

Designed for surgical teams to improve setup efficiencies, Versius Team provides easy access to previous Versius setups and live Versius reporting about active cases to aid real time troubleshooting.

Providing uniform access to these peri-operative case insights, data from Versius Team seamlessly integrates with Versius Connect to inform better decision making.

peri-operative insights
Ongoing training and support

Ongoing training and support

Training for us is about the whole surgical team. We believe in a long-term partnership to deliver the highest surgical care. Our professional education team work with you to deliver a comprehensive metrics-based training programme for Versius.

Our professional trainers will visit sites after clinical use has commenced to assess practice and provide ongoing guidance where necessary.

Commitment to research
Discover how we are serious about delivering an evidence-based approach to surgical robotics.


Versius, a next-generation surgical robot. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of patients, surgeons and surgical teams alike.
Versius for


We have developed Versius, a surgical tool that offers surgeons precision, accuracy and dexterity to enhance their capabilities, as well as the benefits of an ergonomic environment in which to work.
Versius for


We have developed a surgical tool with value-based medicine (VBM) in mind. Our surgical robotic system works in virtually any OR, offering hospitals real economic value whilst delivering improved care to patients.

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