Versius for Colorectal Surgeons

Think laparoscopically. Operate robotically.
What is Versius?

Versius was designed to enable more patients around the world to have access to the highest quality of surgical care.

This means empowering colorectal surgeons with an enhanced tool complete with 3D visualisation and fully wristed instruments, as well as a modular design that allows surgeons to perform robotic procedures and easily integrate other surgical approaches accordingly to patient need and surgeon choice.

“Robotic surgery is the next step and now that we’ve tried it there’s no going back…

Working deep in the pelvis, having that unrivalled view, having the precision allows us to perform operations that you can’t do with straight instruments.”

Doug Speake, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Western General Hospital

360° Versius LAR at Klinikum Chemnitz

First-hand clinical experience with Versius in colorectal

Dr. Barrie Keeler, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Milton Keynes University Hospital
Dr. Danielle Collins, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Western General Hospital, NHS Lothian
Dr. Doug Speake, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Western General Hospital, NHS Lothian
Dr. Henry Tilney Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Frimley Heath NHS Foundation

Versius robotic assisted colorectal surgery

Complete mesocolic excision with Versius – L. Boni


Initiation and feasibility of a multi-specialty minimally invasive surgical

Frances Dixon a,*, Achal Khanna b, Parveen Vitish-Sharma a, Nidhi Shandil Singh c, Kailash Nakade c, Anjana Singh a, Adnan Qureshi b, Richard O’Hara a, Barrie D. Keeler a,d

Experiences of a “COVID protected” robotic surgical centre for colorectal and urological cancer in the COVID-19 pandemic

Jeremy R. Huddy, Matthew Crockett, A Shiyam Nizar, Ralph Smith, Manar Malki, Neil Barber & Henry S. Tilney

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