Versius. The robot for Gynaecology surgeons

Our surgical robot was designed to make it easy for you to start using Versius in Gynaecology

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Nidhi Singh
Milton Keynes University Hospital
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Surgeon using Versius.

Small & modular

The small and modular design of Versius, means you can place your ports exactly where you want them, enabling you to consider patient aesthetics when positioning, without compromising the ability to perform fully robotic procedures.

Small, fully-wristed instruments

With stable 3D HD vision and fully-wristed instruments, Versius can give surgeons more precision and control over mesh manipulation and placement during urogynaecological procedures like sacrocolpopexy.
Two surgeons using Versius
Surgeon using Versius

Surgeon autonomy

Versius gives you autonomy during surgery. All instrument arms are simultaneously under your control, so whilst two arms can be used for the operation, the third can be used for retraction, and the fourth arm for visualisation.

360° Robotic Hysterectomy Milton Keynes University Hospital

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Initiation and feasibility of a multi-specialty minimally invasive surgical

Frances Dixon a,*, Achal Khanna b, Parveen Vitish-Sharma a, Nidhi Shandil Singh c, Kailash Nakade c, Anjana Singh a, Adnan Qureshi b, Richard O’Hara a, Barrie D. Keeler a,d

Feasibility of robotic radical hysterectomy (RRH) with a new robotic system. Experience at Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute

Shailesh P. Puntambekar, Arjun Goel, Shruti Chandak, Mihir Chitale, Mangesh Hivre, Honey Chahal, K. N. Rajesh & Kshitij Manerikar

First-in-human clinical trial of a new robot-assisted surgical system for total laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Kelkar, D., Borse, M., Godbole, G., Kurlekar, U., Dinneen, E., Stevens, L. and Slack, M.

Experiences of a “COVID protected” robotic surgical centre for colorectal and urological cancer in the COVID-19 pandemic

Jeremy R. Huddy, Matthew Crockett, A Shiyam Nizar, Ralph Smith, Manar Malki, Neil Barber & Henry S. Tilney

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