Versius. The robot for Urology surgeons

Our surgical robot was designed to make it easy for you to start using Versius in Urology.

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David Gillatt
Macquarie University Hospital
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Keep your port placement

Small & modular

The small and modular design of Versius means surgical ports can be placed as desired according to a specific procedure. This reduces the need to reposition the bedside units during complex multi-quadrant procedures, such as during a nephroureterectomy.

Small, fully-wristed instruments

With stable 3D HD vision and fully-wristed instruments, there is greater clarity of fine anatomical structures, alongside precision and control. This can support surgeons in achieving a greater level of nerve preservation.
Small, fully-wristed instruments
two surgeons with Versius

Collaborative robotics

Versius allows easy access for the surgical team at the bedside, enabling the use of staplers and clipping devices, while the surgeon can easily communicate with the team due to the open console.

360° Versius Radical Prostatectomy at Centre Hospitalier d'Argenteuil

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Experiences of a “COVID protected” robotic surgical centre for colorectal and urological cancer in the COVID-19 pandemic

Jeremy R. Huddy, Matthew Crockett, A Shiyam Nizar, Ralph Smith, Manar Malki, Neil Barber & Henry S. Tilney

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