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CMR Surgical was created to bring the benefits of minimal access surgery to millions more patients each year. Our aim is to make minimal access surgery available to all by delivering a robotic tool that empowers surgeons and delivers value-driven outcomes for healthcare providers.

Versius has been designed with the surgeon in mind. By equipping them with a remarkable tool fit for their demanding job, together we can change the way surgery is delivered."

Martin Frost
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Company goals

Talk to us and you’ll quickly realise we’re not just another medical device company. Not only are we developing incredible technology in our next-generation surgical robot, but we’re also taking a different approach to the way that our systems are sold, delivered and managed.

We believe in long-term collaborative partnerships that deliver sustainable benefit for everyone involved.

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After Series B financing, our principal shareholders are ABB Technology Ventures, Watrium, LGT Global Invest, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Zhejiang Silk Road Fund and Escala Capital.

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Versius Surgical Robot

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